Buyer's Guide

Find your dream home with Reaves Realty Group by your side

Our Process

Here at Reaves Realty Group, we follow a straightforward process to guide buyers on their real estate journey. Buying a home can be quite daunting, but we make it seamless and enjoyable! When working with us, the process will be as follows:

  • Meet  with us to discuss your wants and needs for your future home
  • Get pre-approved with a mortgage company
  • Begin the house shopping process
  • Make an offer on a home
  • Negotiate if necessary
  • Navigate the contract
  • Work through the inspection and appraisal process
    Get your keys!

Preparing to Buy

Buying a home isn’t a stressful experience when you partner with the right team. We’ll work with you to understand your needs from the beginning to move forward in the right direction. Our team will provide ample time to explain the home-buying process and answer all of your questions, so you’ll feel confident in your decisions.

​​​​​​​With supplied checklists, loan information, and a list of our most-trusted lenders to help get you started, Reaves Realty Group guarantees a seamless experience. Our goal is to understand why you are purchasing a home: What excites you about a house? What are your visions for the future? Why are you looking to buy a home? How can we help you reach your home-buying goals?

Finding a Lender

While we’ll provide a list of our favorite lenders to work with, below are a few questions to consider when finding a mortgage lender. Securing a lender is a crucial step in the home-buying process, and it’s crucial to ask the right questions:

  • Which types of home loans do you offer?
  • What will my interest and annual percentage rates be?
  • Do I qualify for any special programs or discounts?
  • What estimated closing costs can I expect to pay?
  • What is your average loan processing time?

Finding Your Dream Home

While we’ve all spent hours scouring online listings for our dream home, our team will help narrow down your search by providing excellent house-hunting tips. It’s important to assess your wants versus your needs and evaluate your priorities during this exciting time. We’ll help you stick to your goals, evaluate your needs, and navigate your search with ease and expertise.

Making an Offer

Our goal is for you to feel confident when making an offer on one of the most significant purchases of your life. We’ll help you navigate competitive prices, consider cash vs. loan offers, add personal touches to catch the seller’s eye, and discuss unique closing timelines and lesser-known techniques for stress-free closings. Our team provides negotiation tactics to ensure you get the best possible deal, so you’re happy with each decision you make along the way!

The Final Steps

Once an offer is accepted, we will work with you to complete the following steps to close successfully:

  • Discuss insurance requirements with your lender
  • Prepare documents for the closing disclosure
  • Attend a final walkthrough of your new home before signing the final paperwork
  • Ensure a stress-free and easy closing experience!

A Full-service Experience

The team at Reaves Realty Group offers a full-service experience from the beginning of each real estate partnership. Expect expert guidance throughout the home-buying process—from finding the right home to working in a competitive buyer’s market.

Working with Reaves Realty Group will be an experience rooted in integrity, loyalty, and respect.

Seamless Partnerships

We’re fortunate enough to partner with home insurance companies, inspectors, lenders, contractors, and title companies to ensure a smooth closing process. We work with trusted vendors to provide our clients with a seamless home-buying experience. Wherever your needs lie, we’ve got you covered! From lenders and contractors to plumbers and landscaping companies, we provide our clients with a network of trusted companies and individuals to meet every need. 

Our Values

Reaves Realty Group strives to provide excellent service through integrity, honesty, and passion, so our customers have the best experience from start to finish. Dedicated to the “why” of purchasing a new home, we’ll find your dream space and provide a high-quality experience that will ultimately last a lifetime! Contact Ashley Reaves of the Reaves Realty Group today to schedule a meeting and begin your real estate journey in Texas!

Work With Us

We have a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of home ownership, building relationships and solving challenges.