Seller’s Guide

Let us take you from listed to sold!

Our Process

Here at Reaves Realty Group, we follow a straightforward process to guide sellers on their real estate journey. Selling a home can be quite daunting, but we make it seamless and enjoyable! When working with us, the process will be as follows:

  • Meet with us to discuss the sale of your home! Will you need repairs? Are you thinking of staging your home? Are there spaces you’d like to upgrade to increase your return on investment?
  • Determine the listing price with guidance from our agents.
  • Prepare your home for sale, including cleaning, staging, and photography.
  • List and market your home.
  • Receive offers and negotiate terms.
  • Schedule a home inspection and appraisal.
  • Close on the sale of your home! 

Pricing Your Home to Sell

Multiple factors will determine the price of your home. Working with our expert agents will give you the confidence you need to set a fair listing price based on the following factors:

  • The current market
  • Comparable listings
  • Location and neighborhood
  • Age and condition of the home
  • Improvements, repairs, and upgrades

Using our effective pricing strategy will make all the difference when listing your home for sale. It’s best to choose a price point that will sell quickly, so your home doesn’t sit on the market. A fair market value will attract more buyers, likely getting you multiple offers and selling your home much faster than overpriced homes. 

Photography and Showings

Our team provides professional photography that perfectly fits each home. From aerial shots to sunsets and even virtual tours, we offer the best options to make a statement. If you’re looking to stage your home, we’ll also provide a thorough checklist to guide you through the staging process and a list of trusted, local vendors to make your home pop. In addition, we use diverse marketing tools so your home will reach as many interested buyers as possible, from digital marketing and virtual showings to in-person open houses and unique social media avenues. 

Curb Appeal

Let’s not forget your home’s curb appeal! Before your home hits the market, there are dozens of things to consider, and we offer an incredible checklist to help you through the “sprucing up” process. We will prepare your home for even the most thorough and curious buyers. Our list of trusted vendors will be a guiding resource in helping you organize your home for staging and boosting curb appeal. 

Listing Your Home

When it’s time to list your home, Reaves Realty Group will be with you every step of the way. We make sure each client’s listing receives maximum exposure through our extensive real estate networks and find unique ways for homes to reach potential buyers. Here are a few ways we showcase our listings:

  • MLS system post (and Zillow/ public postings)
  • Ample signage
  • Lockbox and showings
  • Scheduled open houses
  • Virtual tours 

Our marketing strategy includes email newsletters, network marketing with local and out-of-state realtors, and social media access to Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to help spread the word about your beautiful listing. 

Offers and Negotiations

Once your home officially hits the market, we advise all of our clients to be patient and flexible during the offer and negotiation period. This is the most exciting part of the process, but it’s our job to get you the best possible offer! Patiently staying focused on your goals through the process is crucial in getting the best deal when selling your property. Our team will guide you through the many offers you will receive and expertly negotiate on your behalf. 

The Final Steps

When an offer is accepted, Reaves Realty Group will walk you through the appraisal, home inspection, any possible repair requests, and the final walk-through before accompanying you to sign the paperwork to make the sale official. Our team will communicate all closing expenses and which items you need to bring to the closing, like keys and garage door openers for the new owners. 

A Full-service Experience

The team at Reaves Realty Group offers a full-service experience from the beginning of each real estate partnership. Expect expert guidance throughout the selling process—from home staging to the final walk-through.

Working with Ashley Reaves will be an experience rooted in integrity, loyalty, and respect. 

Seamless Partnerships

We’re fortunate enough to partner with home insurance companies, inspectors, lenders, contractors, and title companies to ensure a smooth closing process. We work with trusted vendors to provide our clients with a seamless selling experience. Wherever your needs lie, we’ve got you covered! From lenders and contractors to plumbers and landscaping companies, we provide our clients with a network of trusted companies and individuals to meet every need. 

Our Values

Reaves Realty Group strives to provide excellent service through integrity, honesty, and passion, so our customers have the best experience from start to finish. Dedicated to the “why” of selling a home and purchasing a new one, we’ll provide a high-quality experience that will ultimately last a lifetime! Contact Ashley Reaves of the Reaves Realty Group today to schedule a meeting and begin your real estate journey in Texas!

Work With Us

We have a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of home ownership, building relationships and solving challenges.