Upgrade Your Home With These 2024 Design Trends

Upgrade Your Home With These 2024 Design Trends

  • Ashley Reaves
  • 02/1/24

Upgrade Your Home With These 2024 Design Trends


One of the best parts of owning a home is the freedom to make it truly your own with design choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you lean toward contemporary design or a farmhouse aesthetic, your home is your canvas.


To help inspire your design choices, we’ve rounded up some of the top trends we’re watching in 2024. Keep in mind, not all of these will work well in every house. If you plan to list or renovate your property, give us a call. We can help you realize your vision and maximize the impact of your investment.


  1. Spa-Like Bathrooms

In 2024, more homeowners will remodel their bathrooms to turn them into personal oases, with upgrades like steam showers, infrared saunas, and cold plunge tubs. Even modest additions like a massaging showerhead or heated towel bar can add some pampering to your morning routine.[1] If you’d like to explore your options, we can refer you to a trusted contractor for help.


  1. Maximalist Decor

Maximalism is back in vogue, contrasting the neutral aesthetic that dominated design in recent years. Hallmarks include rich and saturated colors, bold wallpaper, statement rugs and furniture, and lots of art.[2] If you’re trying to embrace maximalism on a budget, thrift stores are a great place to start. We’d be happy to share a few of our local favorites.


  1. Japandi Style

Not ready for maximalism? Japandi—which blends Japanese and Scandinavian influences—offers a more subdued approach that still has plenty of character. Common features include calming color palettes and organic materials, like raw wood and bamboo. This design style also embraces storage solutions, including baskets and folding screens.[3] If you’d like help implementing Japandi-style organization in your home, reach out for a referral.


  1. Mixed Metals

According to designers, mixing the colors and finishes of metal fixtures and hardware can bring visual interest to a space—as long as you go about it the right way. Steer clear of near matches, like brass and gold—that’s more likely to look accidental than intentional. And use each metal at least twice in a room to make it look cohesive.[4]  Want some help sourcing fixtures and hardware in a variety of finishes? Ask us for a list of our recommended retailers.


  1. Wood Cabinetry And Accents

In 2024, classic wood cabinetry is back in a big way.[5]  In fact, industry professionals surveyed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association predict that wood cabinets will be more popular than white in the next three years.[6] Dreaming about new cabinets or hardwood floors? We’d be happy to refer you to some trusted trade professionals who can help.


  1. Timeless Renovations

In its latest Kitchen Trends Study, Houzz found that “nearly half of homeowners (47%) opt for a timeless design as a sustainable choice during renovations.” Respondents cited long-term cost-effectiveness and environmental consciousness as their main motivators.[7] Selecting classic elements—like hardwood floors and hand-crafted tiles—can prolong the life of your investment. If you’d like advice on an upcoming project, contact us for a free consultation.



If you’re thinking about making design changes, it’s important to consider how your choices could affect your home’s resale potential. Buyer preferences can vary significantly based on your home’s neighborhood and price point. Before you begin your project, reach out to discuss your plans and how they could impact the value of your home.



The above references an opinion and is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to be financial, legal, or tax advice. Consult the appropriate professionals for advice regarding your individual needs.



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